Accumulators, Buffers
Aerating Equipment
Bagging Machinery
Bakery Equipment
Ball Mills (see Chocolate Processing Equipment)
Batch Rollers (see Hard Candy Equipment)
Batch Warmer
Belt Coaters (see Pans, Coating)
Box, Auto Packing (see Robotic Packaging Systems)
Box, Closing
Box, Filling
Box, Forming
Branding Machines
Candy Bar Extruding Lines
Candy Makers' Supplies (Funnels, Forks, etc.)
Cane Machinery (see Hard Candy Equipment)
Caramel Coaters
Carton Case Packers
Center Fillers (see Hard Candy Equipment)
Cereal & Granola Bar Lines
Check Weighing (see Scales)
Chewing Gum Manufacturing Machinery
Chip Cutters
Chocolate Equipment
Chocolate Processing Equipment (Large Scale)
Chocolate Processing Equipment (Small & Medium Scale)
Choppers: Nut, Fruit, etc.
Cleaning Equipment: Moulds (see Washing Equipment)
Cluster Depositor (see Depositors)
Coating Pans (see Pans, Coating)
Cocoa Butter Deodorizers (see Chocolate Equipment)
Cocoa Presses (see Chocolate Processing Equipment)
Code Dating Equipment
Color Sorters (see Sorting Equipment)
Cone and Wafer Plants (see Wafer and Cone Machinery)
Control Systems
Conveying and Storage Systems
Cooker Extruders (see Extruders)
Cookers  (see also Heat Exchangers)
Cooling and Conveying Systems
Cooling Cylinders for Hard and Soft Masses
Cooling Tables
Cooling Tunnels (see Cooling and Conveying Systems)
Cotton Candy Machinery (see Floss Machinery)
Counting Machinery
Croquant Manufacturing Plants
Crystallizing Equipment
Cut and Wrap Equipment (see Wrapping Machinery)
Dehumidifying Equipment
Depositors (see also Forming Machinery)
Dipping Equipment
Display Cases
Dissolvers, Precookers, Predissolvers
Dosing and Mixing Plants
Drop Machines (see Chocolate Equipment)
Drop Rollers (see Hard Candy Equipment)
Dust Collectors
Enrobers (see Chocolate Equipment)
Floss Machinery
Flow Pack (see Wrapping Machinery)
Fondant Coaters
Fondant Manufacturing Plants
Form, Fill and Seal Machinery (see Bagging Machinery)
Forming Machinery (see also Depositors)
Fudge Making Equipment
Funnels (see Candy Makers' Supplies)
Hard Candy Equipment
Heat Exchangers, Continuous
Indicators, Bin Level
Inspection & Detection Equipment
Jelly Manufacturing Plants (see Cookers, Jelly)
Knives (see Cutters)
Labeling Machines
Lentil Machinery
Lollipop Machinery (see Sucker & Pop Machinery)
Lollipop Sticks (see Sucker & Pop Sticks)
Magnetic Separators
Marking Equipment  (see also Branding Machines)
Marzipan Machinery
Metal Detector (see Inspection & Detection)
Metering Machines
Mixers (see also Dosing and Mixing Plants)
Mould Washers (see Washing Equipment)
Moulding Plants, Chocolate (Depositors)
Moulding Plants, Confectionery
Nut Processing Equipment
Ovens: Biscuit, Cone and Wafer
Packaging Machinery (see Bagging Machinery or Wrapping Machinery)
Packing Tables (see Tables, Packing)
Packing, Individual Piece into Box
Pans, Coating
Pasteurization, Surface
Pocket Pans (see Pans, Coating)
Pop Machinery (see Sucker & Pop Machinery)
Popcorn Machinery
Presses, Cocoa (see Chocolate Processing Equipment)
Presses, Tableting (see Tableting Presses)
Printing on Candy (see Branding Machines)
Pulling Machinery
Roasters, Cocoa (see Chocolate Processing Equipment)
Roasters, Nuts (see Nut Processing Equipment)
Robotic Packaging Systems
Rollers, Engraved
Sanding Machinery
Scrap Recovery Plants
Seals, Rotary Shaft
Shrink Tunnels
Shrink Wrapping Machines
Sifters (see Starch Equipment)
Silo Plants and Equipment
Sizers (see Hard Candy Equipment)
Slab Machinery, Continuous
Sorting Equipment
Spinners (see Chocolate Equipment)
Spraying Plants
Starch Equipment
Stick Candy Machinery (see Hard Candy Equipment)
Sticks, Sucker & Pop (see Sucker & Pop Sticks)
Storage & Retrieval Systems: Finished Product
Store Fixtures (see Display Cases)
Sucker & Pop Machinery
Sucker & Pop Sticks
Sugar Melting Plants
Sugar Spraying Systems
Tableting Presses
Tempering Machines (see Chocolate Equipment)
Tempering Meters (see Chocolate Equipment)
Tray Destackers
Tray Diverters
Tubs and Trucks, Fondant
Twist Wrapping (see Wrapping Machinery)
Tying Machinery
Used Equipment
Wafer and Cone Machinery
Washing Equipment: Containers and Moulds
Weighing Machines (see Scales)
Wrapping Machinery