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Business News (January 2010)     
U.S. Confectionery Sales 2009: 52 Weeks Ending 1 November 2009 (January 2010)     
Collective Ideas Make RCI Stronger By Kelly Brinkmann (January 2010)     
Joy Lyn's Candies (January 2010)     
Nuts as an Ingredient…How Safe is Safe? By Daniel J Zedan (January 2010)     
Hard Coat Sugar Panning By Warren Clark (January 2010)     
Ten Steps to Tune Up Your New-product Innovation Process By Adrian Timms (January 2010)     
Sensory Guidance Research By Lori Rothman (January 2010)     
New Products and Promotions (January 2010)     
Newsmakers (January 2010)     
Patents and Trademarks (January 2010)     
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