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Business News (February 2000)     
NCA Viewpoint By Larry Graham (February 2000)     
February 2000 NCA Legislative News By Stephen G. Lodge (February 2000)     
The Coming Decade: Distributor Predictions By AWMA (February 2000)     
Reach for the Top By Michael McKean (February 2000)     
Nutritional Functions of Cocoa and Chocolate By Hans Kattenberg (February 2000)     
Sensory Impact on Food Choices By Carol M. Christensen (February 2000)     
Butter Crunch or Toffee - Manufacturing Methods and Formulas (February 2000)     
Starch Jellies - Manufacturing Methods and Formulas (February 2000)     
The Origins and Character of Cocoa Beans By Edward \(Ted\) Hanneman (February 2000)     
New Products and Promotions (February 2000)     
Newsmakers (February 2000)     
Patents and Trademarks (February 2000)     
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