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Business News (April 2001)     
Financial Reports (April 2001)     
Japanese Confectionery-1999 Snack Report (April 2001)     
Truffle Workshop RCI certification series (April 2001)     
2000 U.S. Confectionery Sales (April 2001)     
States' Legislation Impacting Candy By Stephen G. Lodge (April 2001)     
Trends and New Products in Markets Worldwide By David M. Schengrund (April 2001)     
Nutrition and Confectionery By Kim Tikellis (April 2001)     
The Australia New Zealand Joint Food Standards Code By Peter Liehne (April 2001)     
Functional Confectionery By Katrina Suttle-Strazdins (April 2001)     
New Products and Promotion (April 2001)     
Newsmakers (April 2001)     
Ingredients, Equipment and Supplies (April 2001)     
Patent and Trademarks (April 2001)     
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