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Business News (April 2006)     
Hershey 2005 Report to Stockholders (April 2006)     
Sustainable Cocoa-farming Efforts By World Cocoa Foundation (April 2006)     
Cocoa Market Repor By ED&F Man (April 2006)     
Fair Prices for Farmers (April 2006)     
U.S. Confectionery Sales 2005: Year Ending December 25, 2005 (April 2006)     
All Candy Expo (April 2006)     
Trends and New Products Worldwide By David M. Schengrund (April 2006)     
Microbial Control for Confectionery Plants By John Williams Jr. (April 2006)     
New Products and Promotions (April 2006)     
Newsmakers (April 2006)     
Patents and Trademarks (April 2006)     
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