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The Application of Cocoa Powders in Chocolate Confectionery By Hans R. Kattenberg (May 1995)     
Managing Plant Utilities to Get Our Two Cents Worth By Charlie Fox (May 1995)     
Chocolate Temper Measurement By Phillip G. Allen (May 1995)     
Vacuum Aeration By Thomas L. Wolfe (May 1995)     
Marshmallow Production: Technology and Techniques By Reg Groves (May 1995)     
Salt Water Taffy and Nougat Production By John Cooke (May 1995)     
Aeration of Boiled Sweets - Vertical Pullers versus Horizontal Pullers By Srini Ranganna (May 1995)     
Air Injection: The Automation of Hard Candy Aeration By Julian Mann (May 1995)     
New Approaches to Gelling Agents in Confectionery By Jan Poppe (May 1995)     
Influence of Phospholipids During Crystallization of Hard and Soft Cocoa Butter By Craig M. Savage, MS, and Paul S. Dimick, PhD (May 1995)     
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