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Business News (May 1997)     
Chocolate and Sweets in the United Kingdom By 1996 Confectionery Market Review (May 1997)     
Trends in Retailing By Michael Gilmore, and Lori A. Botkin (May 1997)     
Turn, Turn, Turn . . . Casson Viscosity Revisited By Edward S. Seguine (May 1997)     
Creme Centers: To Cast or Extrude By John Cooke (May 1997)     
Frozen Cone Technology By Allan Aasted (May 1997)     
Milkfat Fractions in Chocolate By Kerry E. Kaylegian (May 1997)     
Production Options for Caramel/Nut and Chocolate Clusters By Ross Bainbridge (May 1997)     
Truffles and Pralines By Christopher N. Taylor (May 1997)     
New Products and Promotions (May 1997)     
Patents and Trademarks (May 1997)     
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