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Business Briefs (May 1999)     
Financial Reports (May 1999)     
See's highlights Thompson By Andrea Beatie and Nancy Bernard (May 1999)     
RCI board member profile \(Richard Gordon\) (May 1999)     
Discover a New World of Candy (May 1999)     
Campaign for Boxed Chocolate in its Second Year (May 1999)     
United Kingdom Confections (May 1999)     
Australian Confectionery Market Review (May 1999)     
Set Up Plant Visits Now - Here's How By Stephen G. Lodge (May 1999)     
The Challenges of Nutraceuticals By David H.Buisson (May 1999)     
Managing Food Allergens By Nancy Erdman (May 1999)     
Specialty Inks By Dan McKenney (May 1999)     
Innovations in Packaging By Ray Germonprez (May 1999)     
Emulsifiers and their Effect on Confectionery Fat By Edmund J.Wilson (May 1999)     
Chocolate: Fat Bloom During Storage By Richard W.Hartel (May 1999)     
New Products and Promotions (May 1999)     
Newsmakers (May 1999)     
Patents and Trademarks (May 1999)     
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