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Business News (May 2002)     
Retail Confectioner profile Margaret Gile (May 2002)     
IFT Food Expo Preview (May 2002)     
World Confectionery Market (May 2002)     
Health-Promoting Factors in Our Diet By Elizabeth H. Jeffery (May 2002)     
Gelatin Alternatives in Gummi Confections By Scott Lennox (May 2002)     
Aroma Extracts from Cocoa By Hans R. Kattenber & Jeroen H.A. Willemsen (May 2002)     
Factors Regulating Caramel Stickiness and Texture By E. Allen Foegeding, PhD, and Amelia E. Steiner (May 2002)     
New Products and Promotions (May 2002)     
Newsmakers (May 2002)     
Patents and Trademarks (May 2002)     
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