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Color Applied to the Food Industry By Fabien Declercq (June 1995)     
It Ain't Over Until ...A Review of Post Cooling Tunnel Changes By Edward S. Seguine (June 1995)     
Consumer Testing of Confectionery Products with Children: A Review By Dian Dorian (June 1995)     
Dried Dairy Ingredients for Confectionery By Steven J. Haylock (June 1995)     
Chocolate Crumb - Dairy Ingredient for Milk Chocolate By Mirjam Bouwman-Timmermans and Annasiet Siebenga (June 1995)     
Specialty Milks and Milk Derived Flavors in Confections By Peter R. Freund, Ph.D. (June 1995)     
Modified Dairy Ingredients By Thomas F. Diehl (June 1995)     
Milk - the Essential Ingredient in Caramel By Mel Warnecke (June 1995)     
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