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Business News (August 1998)     
Financial Reports (August 1998)     
RCI profileAUG. (August 1998)     
1997 Cadburys Sweets Report (August 1998)     
CAOBISCO/IOCCC Statistics (August 1998)     
IOCCC Publications (August 1998)     
Stroud Jordan Award and AACT Technical Seminar Highlights (August 1998)     
PMCA/Vink/Hard Candy (August 1998)     
PMCA/Shah/Failures (August 1998)     
Rapid Microbiolical Testing Methods: By Jennifer L.Johnson (August 1998)     
Use of Organic Acids in Confectionery By Anne Woo (August 1998)     
Water Activity and its Importance in Making Candy By Doug Wills (August 1998)     
Practical HACCP in the Confectionery Industry By SteveDonald A.Corlett,Jr.,PhD (August 1998)     
Ingredients, Equipment and Supplies (August 1998)     
Newsmakers (August 1998)     
New Products and Promotions (August 1998)     
Patents and Trademarks (August 1998)     
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