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Business News (August 2001)     
2001 Stroud Jordan Award, Melvin O. Warnecke, PhD (August 2001)     
Candy Clinic, color trends and new board members (August 2001)     
RCI board member profile Dan Malley, Malley's Chocolates (August 2001)     
RCIs Passport to Success program (August 2001)     
U.K. Sweet Goods Market By BCCCA (August 2001)     
Las Vegas hosts equipment, ingredients and packaging shows (August 2001)     
PMCA Research Update By Adrian Timms (August 2001)     
The Sweet Power of Sugar By Sandra Mian (August 2001)     
Using Acid to Optimize Flavor By Anne Woo & Ernest Symanski (August 2001)     
Newsmakers (August 2001)     
New Products and Promotions (August 2001)     
Ingredients, Equipment and Supplies (August 2001)     
Patents and Trademarks (August 2001)     
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