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Business News (August 2004)     
Retail Confectioners International (August 2004)     
U.S. Regulatory Update 2004 By Alison Bodor (August 2004)     
Soft Panning-Engrossing, Dry Charging, Finishing and Polishing By Pamela Gesford (August 2004)     
Sucrose Hard Panning-Gumming, Engrossing, Smoothing, Color Coat and Polishing By Jeff Bogusz (August 2004)     
Functional Confectionery Technology-Development of Inredients, Formulation and Manufacture By Maurice S. Jeffery (August 2004)     
Newsmakers (August 2004)     
New Products and Promotions (August 2004)     
Ingredients, Equipment and Supplies (August 2004)     
Patents and Trademarks (August 2004)     
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