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Buiness News (September 1996)     
U.S. Department of Commerce Confectionery Consumption 1995 By Bureau of the Census annual Confectionery (September 1996)     
U.S. Confectionery Sales Ending June 30, 1996 By Information Resources Inc. (September 1996)     
Codex Alimentarius By Ed Minson (September 1996)     
World Cocoa Report By E D & F Man (September 1996)     
Netherlands Cocoa Report By L.W. Bensdorp (September 1996)     
Basics of Chocolate Panning By Thomas Copping (September 1996)     
The Flavor-Fusion Illusion By Paul Rozin (September 1996)     
The "Washer Test" - a method for monitoring fat migration By G. Talbot (September 1996)     
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