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Business News (September 1997)     
Financial Reports (September 1997)     
Profile: Gordon E. Goodnight (September 1997)     
Stroud Jordan Award: Richard E. Schier (September 1997)     
U.S. Confectionery Sales By Information Resources Inc. (September 1997)     
U.S. Department of Commerce Confectionery Consumption 1996 (September 1997)     
World Cocoa Report By ED&F Man (September 1997)     
The Netherlands Cocoa Report By L.W. Bensdorp (September 1997)     
Chocolate and Candy in Germany - 1996 By Karsten Keunecke, PhD (September 1997)     
Chocolate and Confectionery in Israel and Palestine By NCA USCIEP (September 1997)     
Canadian Cocoa/Chocolate Standards of Identity By Laurent La”amme (September 1997)     
The Seasonal Potential of Confections By Robert Love, Jr. and James Tucker (September 1997)     
Chocolate Melting and Tempering By Edward Hanneman (September 1997)     
Tempered Chocolate Handling-Piping and Pumping of Tempered Mass By Chip Huggins and Edward Seguine (September 1997)     
New Products and Promotions (September 1997)     
Newsmakers (September 1997)     
Ingredients, Equipment and Supplies (September 1997)     
Patents and Trademakes (September 1997)     
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