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Business News (September 1998)     
House Considers Sugar and Peanut Reform By Stephen G. Lodge (September 1998)     
RCI Convention Spotlight on Seattle (September 1998)     
U.S. Department of Commerce Confectionery Consumption 1997 (September 1998)     
U.S. Confectionery Sales-Second Quarter 1998 (September 1998)     
German Confectionery Industry in 1997 By Karsten Keunecke,PhD (September 1998)     
1998 All Candy Expo New Confectionery Products By David M.Schengrund (September 1998)     
Chocolate Tempering: A Confectioner's Perspective By Greg Johnson (September 1998)     
Chocolate Behavior - What Influences Your Selection? By Marlene B.Stauffer (September 1998)     
Panning - The Selection of Chocolate and Compounds By John Urbanski (September 1998)     
IOCCC Transfer of Packaging Odours to Cocoa and Chocolate Products (September 1998)     
International Cocoa Statistics (September 1998)     
Milk Chocolate Applications By William Dyer (September 1998)     
Shelf Life of Chocolate and Compound Coatings By Mark Weyland (September 1998)     
Conveying of Ingredients in Chocolate Manufacturing By Kurt Rusterholz (September 1998)     
Rapid Determination of Fat Percent By Isco, Inc. (September 1998)     
Protecting Stored Cocoa Beans from Warehouse Insects By Stephen W.Bullington,PhD (September 1998)     
Milk Protein Functionality in Caramel Texture By Chandrani Atapattu, PhD Yukio Kakuda, PhD (September 1998)     
Why Do We Package? By William Newton, Walter Vink (September 1998)     
Sugar and Cocoa Supplies By Lawrence T.Graham (September 1998)     
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