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Netherlands Cocoa Industry By Netherlands Cocoa Association (October 1995)     
Hard Candy Formulations, Variations and Effects By Leland J. Anderson (October 1995)     
Hard Candy: Cooking By W. David Hess (October 1995)     
Depositing - Solid and Centerfilled Hard Candy By Nick Walker (October 1995)     
Aeration of Boiled Sweets: A Review of Available Methods By Logan L. Jones (October 1995)     
Striping Methods By Mel Warnecke, PhD (October 1995)     
Cut Rock and Letter Rock By James McGovern (October 1995)     
Filled Hard Candy By Fred Hintlian (October 1995)     
Conditioning for Manufacturing and Warehousing By Walter E. \(Gene\) Sharp (October 1995)     
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