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Business News (October 2000)     
Financial Reports (October 2000)     
A Rough Year for USDA on Sugar By Stephen G. Lodge (October 2000)     
See's Candies . . . a uniquely successful company (October 2000)     
The German Chocolate Industry in 1999 By Karsten Keunecke, PhD (October 2000)     
Polyols in Confectionery By Ronald C. Deis, PhD (October 2000)     
Stability Operations By Terry Schindeldecker (October 2000)     
Oil and Fats for Confections By Bob Wainwright (October 2000)     
New Products and Promotions (October 2000)     
Newsmakers (October 2000)     
Patents and Trademarks (October 2000)     
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