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Business News (October 2011)     
Convenience Store Report (October 2011)     
U.S. Confectionery Sales-52 weeks ending 7 August 2011 (October 2011)     
Confectionery on the Internet (October 2011)     
How Long Can Your Chocolates Last? By Andy Van den Broeck (October 2011)     
Center Troubleshooting and Prevention By Steve Marcanello (October 2011)     
Dairy Costs in Confections By Tim Galloway (October 2011)     
Fondant-based Centers By Mark Jarrard Jr. (October 2011)     
The Peanut Genomic Initiative-An Overview By Darlene Cowart, PhD (October 2011)     
New Products and Promotions (October 2011)     
Newsmakers (October 2011)     
Patents and Trademarks (October 2011)     
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