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Nutritional Labeling and Associated Statements When Using Sugar Free Materials By Lyn OBrien Nabors (November 1995)     
HSH as a Bulking Agent in Confections By William Raleigh (November 1995)     
Lactitol, Bulk Sweetener for Sugar Free and Reduced Calories Hard Candy By Paul Mesters (November 1995)     
Isomalt in Hard Candy Applications By Bodo Fritzsching (November 1995)     
Acesulfame K: Applications in Hard Candy Production By Lisa Hanger, Gert Wolfhand von Rymon Lipinski, Zari Nakhost (November 1995)     
Polydextrose in Soft Confections By Florence M. Kopchik (November 1995)     
Aspartame in Soft Confections By Tammy Nash-Jarrett (November 1995)     
Chemistry, Testing and Application of Salatrim Low Calorie Fat By Robert E. Smith, PhD and John W. Finley, PhD (November 1995)     
Lactitol: Its Use in Chocolate; Xylitol as a Sanding Medium By Philip M. Olinger (November 1995)     
Crystalline Maltitol in the Manufacture of Chocolate By Brian L. Happel (November 1995)     
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