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Business News (November 1999)     
1999 U.S. Convenience Store Sales (November 1999)     
German Confectionery Industry By Karsten Keunecke (November 1999)     
1999 Retail Confectioners' Cost Ratio Survey (November 1999)     
RCI board member profile-Patricia Green (November 1999)     
Ideas Abundant-RCI fall regional (November 1999)     
NCA Viewpoint-No Shortage of Food of the Gods By Larry Graham (November 1999)     
Legislative News-Good News in Agriculture Bill By Stephen G. Lodge (November 1999)     
Chocolate, the 5% Option... What if? By Edmund Wilson (November 1999)     
Crisis Management in the Food Industry By Tony Hines (November 1999)     
Assessment and Abatement of Volatile Organic Materials By J. Patrick Stevens (November 1999)     
Clean Air Act Compliance Issues By James T. Dufour (November 1999)     
NAFTA and International Regulatory Update By Susan Cheney (November 1999)     
Newsmakers (November 1999)     
New Products and Promotions (November 1999)     
Patents and Trademarks (November 1999)     
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