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Business News (November 2000)     
German Confectionery 2000 (November 2000)     
Pretzels and Nonpareils Plentiful in Pennsylvania-RCI (November 2000)     
Financial Reports (November 2000)     
AACT Technical Session 2000 (November 2000)     
Herbal Nutraceuticals in Confections By David Deck (November 2000)     
Choosing VOC Control Technology, A Case Study By Michael Bianco (November 2000)     
Using Confectionery Equipment to Manufacture Chewing Gum By Douglas P. Fritz (November 2000)     
Sensory Properties of Milk Components in Milk Chocolate By John Urbanski (November 2000)     
Sugar and Peanut Programs By Stephen G. Lodge (November 2000)     
New Product and Promotions (November 2000)     
Newsmakers (November 2000)     
Patemts and Trademarks (November 2000)     
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