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World Confectionery Consumption and Production Statistics (November 2008)     
Sweet Brazil: Latin American Confectionery Show (November 2008)     
RCI Fall Regional Institute (November 2008)     
Back to Basics-Sugarfree Confections: The Sugarfree Toolbox-Bulk Ingredients and Intense Sweeteners By Peter Jamieson (November 2008)     
Establishing a Benchtop Facility By Leland J. Anderson (November 2008)     
Conversion from Batch to Continuous Production By Jeroen Wilhelm Koster (November 2008)     
Confectionery Fortification By Holly T. Petty, PhD (November 2008)     
New Products and Promotions (November 2008)     
Patents and Trademarks (November 2008)     
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