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Business News (December 2000)     
2000 Brazilian Confectionery (December 2000)     
1999 U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau Confectionery Consumption (December 2000)     
Financial Reports (December 2000)     
Current Chocolate Issues By Stephen G. Lodge (December 2000)     
Raisins in Confectionery (December 2000)     
2000 New Product Review Index of Companies (December 2000)     
2000 New Product Review (December 2000)     
Acidulant Use in Sour Confections By Koen F. Kummel (December 2000)     
Confectionery Laboratory Basics By David Evanson and William Ikins (December 2000)     
Newsmakers (December 2000)     
Patents and Trademarks (December 2000)     
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